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Gateway 3DS,Downgrade My 3DS to V4.5.0 to work with Gateway 3DS

Gateway 3DS,Downgrade My 3DS to V4.5.0 to work with Gateway 3DS

As you know the Gateway 3DS only can support the Nintendo 3DS V4.5.0 or Below.

Is it possible to downgrade your Nintendo 3DS to V4.5.0?

May be some of the players have got the known history of the first world’s 3DS flashcard—GATEWAY 3DS flashcart. And the followings are the components after disassembling.

We know that currently, gateway 3ds flashcard is only compatible with firmware from 3ds v4.1 to 3ds v4.5 to play 3ds games, even they are working on making it compatible as quickly as possible with 5.x and 6.x firmwares. So, if you want to able to enjoy the world’s first working 3ds flashcard, please do not update your 3ds console. Just remove automatic updates by enabling parental control to prevent any accident. Since the product is now released and soon in Nintendo’s hands, anything above 6.2.0 will most likely be compatible.

However, if you have a gateway 3ds flashcart, how to upgrade a lower version to 3DS V4.5, as 3ds V4.5 is the best 3DS flashcard firmware version when using gateway 3ds. Then, if your 3ds in hand is 3DS version 2.X or 3.X, etc. How should we upgrade safely 3ds firmware to V4.5, rather than 3ds V6.2.0? Here to tell you one way, that is to buy a genuine “Louis Haunted House 2″ or “The Great Kingkong”, both of them can help you to upgrade to 3ds to V4.5.

Yes, 3ds verion from 4.1 to v4.5 can all play GATEWAY 3DS. If your 3ds version is lower than v4.1, you can buy The Great Kingkong, Louis haunted house 2. You need to close WIFI to offline upgrade 3ds to v4.5. Note: use the game to upgrade, be sure to turn off WIFI when using game card to do the upgrade!


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